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  • Sarah Lao

September Workshop Materials

Can't make it to our monthly workshops? No worries, we'll publish the syllabus for them on our blog!


-- Subs are open + microgrant


-- Reintroduce yourself, where you’re at, etc. but this time, include a favorite film.

READ: “Idol” by Christina Im (after BTS)

WRITE: Pick a favorite song or artist of your choice. Write a piece based on the themes on their music // that song. Maybe even the mood?

READ: “Anna May Wong Dreams of Wong Kar-Wai” by Sally Wen Mao

WRITE: Think of a favorite movie, actress/actor, character, or historical figure. Bonus points if they’re someone who’s been forgotten or misunderstood by society or someone you can relate to. Write a piece about them. What if a character is, say, obsessed with Marilyn Monroe? Or what did you learn from this movie/person?

WRITE: a story in reverse/of the family video tape or memory being rewound again and again/what you would skip through, what you would pause on, and the scene you would replay, again and again and again.

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