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August Workshop Materials

Can't make it to our monthly workshops? No worries, we'll publish the syllabus for them on our blog!

0-5mins - EX/POST introductions

5-10mins - ask people to write down words they associate with ‘home’ or ‘self’

10-15mins - go around participants and ask them to introduce their name/pronoun and to also contribute at least a word into a communal ‘pot’

15-25mins - First Creative Exercise - write a short piece using as many or as few of the words in the communal ‘pot’ as you like

25-30mins - Show "The Goat" from Issue 1 and listen to the audio version as well

30-40mins - Second Creative Exercise - with "The Goat" in mind participants can either add to their first exercise, edit their first exercise, or write a whole new piece in response

40-55mins - Optional Sharing

55-60mins - time to spare / thank yous / ask if its ok to keep or share details etc.

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