"Without such a collection, the ephemeral nature of how most people communicate now—in texts, Instagram stories, and on Zoom—would make it difficult for future generations to understand. A handwritten letter, on the other hand, offers a lasting and individualized record..."

—Julia Sklar, for the Boston Globe





"In May, the Lao sisters started a literary magazine called EX/POST, hoping to create a kind of camaraderie, but found the exclusive nature of the medium wasn’t working for them... With [Carissa] Chen’s idea and the support of the EX/POST team, they moved past the limitations of the magazine and created a more “artsy” pursuit in Dear Loneliness."

—Janae McKenzie, for Her Campus

"We are excited to partner with the Dear Loneliness Project to host a writing competition about the economics of loneliness..."

—Harvard Economics Review

"This is such a timely and amazing project, I needed to know more, so I asked Editor-in-Chief Sarah Lao some question to find out..."

—Trish Hopkinson

"Experimental, inclusive, and diverse."

—Jonathan Truong, for Hominum Journal


"[on our project Dear Loneliness] If you are interested in writing a letter and playing a role in what is sure to be a major international social experiment and pertinent archival study of a shifting point in human history, click the button to submit."

—Kathleen Day, for The Courrier

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