Let freedom ring

[loud enough that they don’t ask

what comes next. This]

sweet land

[so lush with all its color is nothing like]

my country [the] land

where my fathers died

[is not as fertile as it once was.

To be honest, a convert’s faith is

what makes]

the pilgrim’s pride

[restless, relentless—search

all the time for a]

land of

[milk and honey.]

From every mountainside

[an unexplained explosion.

A mother wails in the highest frequency]

of liberty

[that can be heard

ringing in my ears

one last time. Her last

remaining child pulls at her hem as if to say]

’tis of thee

[sticky hands waving recklessly]

of thee I sing.

Listen to "Toccata in D minor, op. 11" by Sergei Prokofiev, selected to accompany Dujie's work, below:

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DUJIE TAHAT is a Filipino-Jordanian immigrant living in Washington state. They are the author of Here I Am O My God, selected for a Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship, and Salat, winner of the Tupelo Press Sunken Garden Chapbook Award. Along with Gabrielle Bates and Luther Hughes, they cohost The Poet Salon podcast.