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  • Sarah Lao


We founded EX/POST MAGAZINE May of 2020 to spotlight both the best art and writing the Internet could find and serve as a refuge for underrepresented voices, topics, and genres.

We want both great art and reflections on such; we want to publish work at the forefront of today’s trends, but we also want to break down the meaning of those trends to make the cutting edge of “high theory” accessible to all.

Further, more than dissolving the reader/writer barrier, we seek to bridge the editor/submitter gap and make the road to publication clear for young writers hoping to work with both us and others. We want EX/POST to be an open and inclusive space that showcases not what is necessarily unsaid, but what often goes unheard in other places.

Whether it’s avant-garde theater, traditional poetry, a satire of the Oscars, or an essay on any of the above, we believe you have something valuable to say—we can’t wait to hear it.



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